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Brilliant Sales Page Templates are the step-by-step system for high-converting sales pages in no-time flat!

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"Ughhh Do I HAVE to Build Another Sales Page?"

I get it, friend, sales pages are STRESSFUL!

  • What do you say without sounding slimy?
  • How do you communicate the incredible value of your product?
  • How do you design gorgeous graphics without taking a thousand hours to do it?
  • What should you include? And how much is too much (or too confusing!)

And don't mess this up biz mama.... because your business depends on getting this right!

Ok hold up.... before you go stress eating another box of Girl Scout Cookies...

It's possible to create a sales page that brings in customers around the clock WITHOUT all the stress of designing and copywriting from scratch.

Brilliant Sales Page Templates are the Step-by-Step System for High-Converting Sales Pages in No-Time Flat!

  • Know exactly what to say to your ideal customer + how and when to say it on your page. Just follow the worksheets + guided prompts -- it's like having your very own sales page mentor to guide you along, because I'll tell you what to include + how to include it!
  • Get access to every possible graphic template you'll need to complete your page. Simply customize the colors and headings inside Canva or PicMonkey, and load your gorgeous new visuals onto the page.
  • Get pre-designed, drag and drop Leadpages templates, so your page is gorgeous and perfectly formatted, right out of the box.
  • Never wrack your brain or stress about your sales page again. You'll know EXACTLY what to put where + how to format your page for clarity and conversions.
  • Get the exact sales page templates that I use to make sales in my business every single day. PLUS, these sales page templates have helped hundreds of students sell more of their products - even to people who've never heard of them before!

Build an asset for your business that works hard for you around the clock. It's time to grow, baby, grow!

Get Brilliant Sales Page Templates today!

Total value: $859
Today's price: $197

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Let's Take a Closer Look at What's Inside!

A beautiful, elegant, perfectly designed theme for all of your pages

  • Gold foil elements + flourishes that add luxury and sparkle to your pages.
  • 4 Signature patterns that set your brand apart from everyone else.
  • Stock photos that you can use -- (and some you can't find anywhere else!)
  • Graphics templates that make customizing text and mockups to match your brand super easy.

Direct Sales Page Leadpages Template

  • Get a sales page template that's gorgeous + detailed -- so you won't miss a single chance to convert a visitor into a customer.
  • This template includes timers, feature + bonus graphics, customer testimonials, your bio, and tons of copywriting prompts so you know just what to say.
  • Get the template that my students and I use every single day to turn ice cold traffic into happy customers!

Freebie Opt-in Leadpages Template

  • Effortlessly earn new email subscribers every single day.
  • This is the freebie page formula that helps my students get opt-in rates of 75% and higher!

Tripwire Leadpages Template

  • Turn new email subscribers into customers right away!
  • Offer your brand new subscribers a limited-time offer for a steal of a deal. It's a win-win!

Two-Tiered Offer Leadpages Template

  • Use price-anchoring to add more value to your products (and give your customers the chance to upgrade!
  • Use a sales page that's beautifully organized so potential customers won't be confused and instead will be enticed to choose a higher-value offer.

Three-Tiered Offer Leadpages Template

  • Offer your customers higher-end options (instead of waiting for upsells and email funnels!)
  • Keep your sales page neat, organized, and easy-to-understand!
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18 Product Features + Bonus Templates for Canva + PicMonkey

  • Make sure every single detail of your fabulous product gets the attention it deserves.
  • Highlight bonuses so your product becomes irresistible!

21 Stock Photo + Module Templates for Canva + PicMonkey

  • Hint: When my students and I study how visitors consume our sales pages -- VISUALS are where they focus every single time.
  • You will lose customers if all of the juicy details of your product are tied up in the copy. Every single feature, feeling, and after picture MUST be displayed visually. Now you can do that with style!

6 Customer Testimonial Templates for Canva + PicMonkey

  • The #1 thing I teach my students over and over: Customer testimonials are the MOST important part of your page.
  • They need to be visually appealing so they grab attention, and no one misses out on hearing EXACTLY how your product helped others and why your customers love it so much.

8 Bio Photo Templates Templates for Canva + PicMonkey

  • Make the BEST first impression possible with a beautiful, branded bio photo.
  • Relationships matter, and your potential customers need to connect with the person behind the product -- that's you!

20 Product Hero Image Templates for Canva + PicMonkey

  • The product hero image is the superhero of your sales page. It sums up all of the juicy details of your product visually and reminds your customers over and over again of EVERYTHING they're going to get when they purchase.
  • A vague photo with a logo just isn't going to work for your product hero. Use these drag and drop graphics templates to easily display all of the aspects of your product in a jiffy. Your customers need to SEE exactly what they're getting to convert.

10 Guarantee + Price Slash Templates for Canva + PicMonkey

  • Your potential customers need to be reminded of the incredible deal they're getting when they purchase. Sure, a sale isn't the sole reason why they're buying. They have to WANT the product and understand how it helps them first. But a sale will push them over the edge because they want the product AND they know they're getting a good deal.
  • Studies show that a price slash graphic works better than other methods for displaying a sale.
  • You don't have to include a guarantee or no questions-asked refund policy, but my students who do typically see an increased sales page conversion rate without dealing with any increase in refund requests. Now you can display your policy beautifully.

90 Icon Templates for Canva + PicMonkey

  • Display your product's features OR a step-by-step process with fun, easy-to-use visuals.
  • It can be tricky to find the right stock photo or graphic to visually display our point. In those cases, an icon can be the perfect choice. Grab these, change the color to match your brand, and they're good to go!

Get EVERYTHING You Need to Create High-Converting Sales Pages in No-Time Flat!

Total value: $859
Today's price: $197

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These templates are gorgeous but my style is a little different. Can I change them?

Absolutely! You can customize every color on the page and within the graphics templates too!

Look at the beautiful transformation that's possible. Each of these pages has its own unique vibe!

Whether your goal is fun and quirky, warm and inviting, or sleek and professional, it's easy to transform Brilliant Sales Page templates to perfectly pair with your brand.

Press Play on the Video Below to See How Quick and Easy it is to Swap out Sales Page Graphics to Fit your Brand.

And remember -- you get access to ALL of the graphics templates you see, so you don't have to design alone!

I've tried building a sales page before and it was NOT easy. How will this be any different?

Whew, I hear ya!

Most of the business owners I know either:

  • Spend a couple thousand dollars working with graphic designers and copywriters. (And it ends up taking an extra month and a whole lotta back and forth too!)
  • OR... they stress and obsess over their sales page for months.'s never really done. They're never quite confident that it will convert. And because they've already spent a million hours on it, the heartbreak of sending it out into the world to watch it fail is just too much.

In the first case .... you're risking a whole lot of money... and what if you're not certain yet about how well this product will sell? That might not be the smartest business move!

In the second case, your amazing product never gets a fair chance. You could, quite literally, be a few tweaks away from something that sells around the clock, and not even know it. But the pain of spending so much time and effort and it NOT paying off keeps so many business owners stuck.

I'm determined not to let that happen to you. And that's where Brilliant Sales Page Templates come in. These templates include a Step-by-Step process for creating high-converting sales pages.

No more...

  • Wondering whether your sales page will convert. You'll be using a system that hundreds of my students have used to earn more sales around the clock.
  • Wasting thousands of dollars on extra help. These templates make creating sales pages so much faster and easier.
  • Waiting a month or more for your designers and copywriters to get their work done. (Or spending a month or more building the page yourself!) With Brilliant Sales Page Templates, you can get your sales page up in a week!

Here's How the Brilliant Sales Page System Works

Step 1: Fill out your answers on the Sales Page Brainstorm Worksheets. (You'll have every single important product detail all in one place!)

Step 2:  Write your copy on the page using the sales page template instructions as your guide.

Step 3:  Grab the templates in Canva and PicMonkey and transform them to match your brand.

Step 4:  Swap out the graphics on the Leadpages Template for your newly customized versions.  

Step 5:  Sell more of your products with your gorgeous, high-converting sales page! 

Step 6:  Be prepared for lots of compliments on your page + everyone asking how you did it! ...with Brilliant Sales Page Templates of course! đŸ˜‰

What Are You Waiting For, Friend? Get the Sales Page System Designed to Help you Convert More Visitors into Customers!

Total value: $859
Today's price: $197

I'm Beth Anne Schwamberger, and I'm on a mission to help more hard-working mamas SELL their amazing products with ease!

The world needs what YOU have to offer, and you shouldn't have to be a marketing and graphics pro to make it happen -- I'll take the guesswork out of the whole process for you, so you can focus on serving your amazing customers as best you can!

I’m a mom of 2 boys ages 10 and 4 (working with an abundance of noise is the norm over here!) and I’m a military spouse turned pilot’s wife, so I'm right there with you when it comes to growing your online business in the margins!

I know what it’s like to bootstrap your biz… and I know the struggle that comes from knowing exactly how you want your sales page to look and sound… and not knowing how to get them there without spending thousands on a graphic designer or copywriter.

I used to spend HOURS upon HOURS on my Sales Pages. They often meant living like a hermit for weeks at a time -- barely seeing the sun, feeling constantly on edge, and knowing at the end of the project, that I still wasn't proud with the finished page. I KNEW there were ways I could make it convert better, but I didn't have the design or copywriting skills to make it happen at that point.

The key for me has been studying and refining marketing and copywriting principles -- so I know exactly how to communicate to my audience to earn more sales, AND.... upping my graphic design skills, so my pages have an instant "WOW" factor that makes my brand look more professional + valuable.

I know a lot of business owners don't want to accept this.... but creating a high-converting sales page relies on BOTH SKILLS. And most of us aren't naturally good at both writing and graphic design. Those are two very different skills!

With Brilliant Sales Page Templates, I've brought together both of those worlds, so it's like having a Sales Page Coach to guide you every step of the way.

After refining and tweaking dozens of sales pages, and helping hundreds of students refine theirs too -- I'm confident I can help you get better results with yours.

STOP focusing on more traffic, when your sales page isn't even converting the traffic you already have.

STOP building your list, when only a tiny portion of that list buys (because you haven't adequately communicated WHY your product is amazing and the perfect tool to help them.

It's time to build a Brilliant Sales Page, so all of that hard work you do to build your business will actually result in MORE SALES.

EVERY Business Owner Deserves a Brilliant Sales Page that Converts Visitors into Customers Around the Clock.

I use another sales page builder. Why are the drag and drop templates only available in Leadpages?

The graphics templates -- which you can access in both Canva and PicMonkey, can be uploaded onto any sales page builder. I personally think graphics are the hardest part.

You can also look at the Leadpages templates and my Sales Page Brainstorm worksheets to get tons of guidance on how to set up your sales page, write your copy, and make sure every single important, high-converting detail is included.

But the actual drag and drop sales page templates themselves can only be used directly inside of Leadpages, and here's why:

1.) Sales page builders that rely on a plugin installed on your own site (Elementor, Divi, Thrive Themes) will massively slow down your site. 

This leads to a decrease in your Google ranking, as well as losing a lot of traffic that will bounce before they even see your page.

I've seen this so many times with my ads intensive students. Many want to save costs initially, so they scrape together a page using one of these builders, but by the end of the intensive they've moved to Leadpages because the stats show us that they're losing a huge portion of traffic before the sales page even loads.

2.) Many sales page builders are not responsive, which means you have to customize your sales page for mobile versus desktop viewers. This is like building two different sales pages. Umm... no thanks!

3.) Other sales page builders have major issues with padding and formatting. You can create a gorgeous desktop page and the mobile view looks like a jumbled mess. So once again, you're stuck building from scratch trying to figure out how to get the mobile view to work. For most of us, 75% or more of our traffic is mobile.

With Brilliant Sales Page templates, they're formatted to look beautiful on both mobile and desktop, no special formatting or fussing required.

Here's what some of my ads students had to say about Leadpages:

4.) Leadpages is the only page builder I know of (and I've talked to my friend who's worked with many different builders) that automatically saves your work. 

The other page builders that function more like Leadpages (Clickfunnels, for example) have a HUGE issue in that they don't automatically save your work AND they make you log back in frequently. As busy moms, we often have to step away from our work in a hurry, and you shouldn't lose your work because of this.

Leadpages has you covered!

5.) You can actually verify your Leadpages subdomain, so even with the latest Facebook ad changes, you're totally fine to use the Leadpages-hosted version of your sales page. 

Also, when you use the Leadpages plugin -- it functions like a mirror of the Leadpages hosted page, so any edits you make update automatically to the page on your own site, and the way the plugin is coded means that all of the site-speed issues are avoided as the true page existed on the Leadpages hosted domain. Still -- I do notice a slight increase in my bounce rate when I use the Leadpages plugin version of my page, so I tend to use the Leadpages-hosted version as a general rule.

6.) Here's what blew my mind: My friend Mauri, who's designed lots of sales pages for business owners and has helped me with a few pages too -- tells me that it can often take her TWICE as long to build a sales page for someone outside of Leadpages. And she's a page-building pro!

Why take twice as long to build a powerful asset for your business? And worry about site speed, losing your work, or redesigning for mobile? It's time to get Leadpages instead.

This is one of those cases where as much as I want to give my customers everything you want, I'd rather give you what I know you're going to NEED long-term, even if you don't yet realize it!

I'm sticking to Leadpages because it's simply the best option out there, and now is the time to learn it when you have easy-to-use drag and drop templates to help you every step of the way. There's no need to design a sales page from scratch again.

You can also grab a 14-day free trial of Leadpages using my affiliate link.

Hold Up a Minute, I've Got Questions!

Do I have to have a Leadpages Account to Use These Templates?

Yes! But you can start with a free 14-day trial using my affiliate link. Give the platform a try, and I promise, you'll never want to go back to your old page builder again!

Your Leadpages templates will work on any level of their paid accounts, so there's no need to spring for all the bells and whistles in order to use these Leadpages templates to make more sales.

There is so much you can do with the Leadpages builder, and all of their pages are mobile responsive, so you don't need to build separate pages and graphics for different devices.

And Leadpages LOAD so much faster too! I can't tell you how many of my ads students end up switching to Leadpages and wish they'd done it much sooner, because their sales conversions immediately go up. (Faster loading time + mobile responsive for the win!)

How Easy are These Templates to Use?

Leadpages is a pretty intuitive program, and they have a bunch of tutorials within their library to help you. It's a very simple drag and drop, responsive page builder.

To access your Leadpages templates, it takes just 3 clicks and you'll have gorgeous pages loaded right into your own account (with access to those pages forever!)

To customize the graphics that you'll place on the page...if you've used Canva or PicMonkey to create or design anything before, you'll be able to use the graphics templates in a snap.

It's as simple as clicking on the template sharing links, opening up one of the templates, and swapping out photos, changing colors, and moving things around to your liking. It's SO easy to use, and that's exactly why my designers and I created them!

Can I customize the colors or swap for my own photos?

You can COMPLETELY customize both the graphics templates and the colors within the Leadpages themselves.

What you WON'T have to do is spend hours upon hours hunting for the perfect stock photos, fussing with layouts, and trying to create the perfect mock-ups to make your sales pages BEAUTIFUL!

I've done all the heavy-lifting for you, so you can focus on building a high-converting sales page in no-time flat!

I Need These! How Fast Can I Get Them?

When you purchase Brilliant Sales Page Templates, you'll get INSTANT ACCESS immediately after! You'll be given a PDF via email and on the purchase thank you page, and inside are all of your access links and instructions.

Just follow the instructions in the PDF and you'll have Leadpages templates inside your own Leadpages account in a jiffy, and you'll have graphics templates inside your Canva or PicMonkey account.

You'll have access to your templates forever.

So I LIKE the templates... but my style's a little more simple.

Here's what I've found... it's much easier to take elements OFF of a design than to add elements ON without them looking overdone.

If you love the layout of these templates but you'd like to take a few sparkles off or hold back on a touch of gold foil ... it's incredibly easy to just delete those layers and create the minimal design you want.  

What's hard is staring at a blank canvas trying to create that perfect, minimal design... and painstakingly laying out every box, page, and element... all by yourself. (Sheesh...that sentence made me really sad as I typed it out! Don't create sales pages alone... let me be your sales page BFF.)

Do I need to PAY for a program subscription in order to use these templates?

Yes, Leadpages lowest plan costs $37/month.

PicMonkey's lowest plan will cost you $8/month. 

Canva has a free version, but you won't be able to use their fabulous animations feature or some of the gorgeous fonts and elements we've used in these templates. Their Pro version costs $12.95/month.

So YES, you'll need a Leadpages subscription and either a paid PicMonkey or Canva Pro account, but they'll cost you way less than Photoshop or hiring a designer every time you need gorgeous graphics and sales pages for your business. And, to be honest, even with a designer you absolutely MUST HAVE a sales page builder to create amazing pages.

It's time to take your business to the next level, and the fastest way to do that is to convert more of your sales page visitors into customers. You've got this, Mama!

I'm not very techy. Will you help me figure out how to use Leadpages?

YES! I've got a resource library of video tutorials so you can get up and running quickly. Plus Leadpages has their own amazing resource library to walk you through so many different features.

Between Leadpages and me, you'll do just fine -- promise!

What if I try the templates out and I don't like them?

I cannot offer any refunds on these templates. They're available to be used IMMEDIATELY upon purchase, and you own them forever. I've also made it super easy via the graphics on this page for you to view a large sampling of the designs and layouts you'll be getting. So take a close look and feel free to email me with any additional questions:

These templates look gorgeous but... your price is really low! Are you sure they're not crap on a stick?

Yes I'm sure! I get the skepticism, but I LOVE serving my audience of business moms, and that usually means giving them an incredible deal. I'm a smart-enough business woman to make my prices work without overpricing. (Hint... it's because my customers love my products so much and come back again and again!)

These sales page templates will help you to build an amazing asset for your business -- one that works around the clock to bring you more sales. THEN, I get to hear all about it when you email me to show me your gorgeous page. In my book, that means we both win!!

I'm a social media manager / virtual assistant / designer / freelancer... Can I use these templates for my clients?

No. By purchasing this Template Pack, you are agreeing to use the templates to create images that promote ONE business -- yours! Your purchase may not be used for clients. Each client must purchase these templates THEMSELVES in order for the templates to be used to create sales pages and graphics for their business.

You also may not resell or redistribute the templates in any form. This means you may not sell the photos, you may not sell any of the graphics elements, you may not give anyone else access to the template or graphics files.

What you CAN do is use these templates to create sales pages for your own fabulous products.

What's Your Refund Policy?

As mentioned above, there are NO refunds on Brilliant Sales Page Templates. I've done my very best to display what you get. If you don't like what you see, this isn't the right product for you.

You Deserve a Brilliant Sales Page that Sells Your Products for You Around the Clock!

You're a hard-working Mama, and I know you've spent countless hours building your biz.

It's time to build an asset that will work FOR you -- even if you're enjoying time with your family, working on a passion project, or just taking a much-needed nap!

I can't wait to see how your business grows with a brilliant, high-converting sales page to help you turn visitors into customers in a BIG WAY!

One more time, here's EVERYTHING you get when you purchase Brilliant Sales Page Templates!

  • Direct Sales Page Leadpages Template - $147 value
  • Freebie Opt-in Leadpages Template - $75 value
  • Tripwire Leadpages Template - $147 value
  • Two-Tiered Offer Leadpages Template - $147 value
  • Three-Tiered Offer Leadpages Template - $147 value
  • 18 Product Features + Bonus Graphic Templates (created for use in both Canva & PicMonkey) - $36 value
  • 21 Stock Photo + Module Templates (created for use in both Canva & PicMonkey) - $42 value
  • 6 Customer Testimonial Templates (created for use in both Canva & PicMonkey) - $12 value
  • 8 Bio Photo Templates (created for use in both Canva & PicMonkey) - $16 value
  • 20 Product Hero Templates (created for use in both Canva & PicMonkey) - $40 value
  • 10 Guarantee Badges + Price Slash Templates (created for use in both Canva & PicMonkey) - $20 value
  • 90 Icon Templates (created for use in both Canva & PicMonkey) - $30 value

Total value: $859
Today's price: $197