Scale your business, take back your life.

Let's do this! I'm ready to apply to the Intensive!

And I help brilliant business moms (like you!) learn how to scale your business using Facebook ads. 

As a busy mamapreneur myself, I know what it’s like to love your job as a mom AND your job as an business owner, but wrestle with the balance of family and work time. 

After years of trying to figure out how to serve my customers well and be there for all of life's (little & big!) moments, I knew I needed to figure out a way to to stop trading my time for dollars. 

I tried EVERYTHING in order to grow:

  • Promoting Blog Posts on Pinterest
  • Guest Posting
  • Viral Giveaways
  • Collaborations and JV Webinars
  • Connecting in Facebook Groups
  • Nonstop posting on social media  

Name the growth strategy, and I've probably tried it!

When I finally mastered Facebook Ads, my business revenue grew by 400% within 2 months, and the more important part -- my health, happiness, and sanity increased by 1000%! (Actual scientific data 😂)

I've been using Facebook ads to bring in the right subscribers and customers for nearly 5 years now, and they continue to be the primary growth lever for my business (by a long shot!).  

I work part-time in my multi six-figure business, and that wouldn't be possible without Facebook ads. The margin I now have enables me to build better relationships with my customers & students AND spend way more time with my family.  

And I KNOW I can help you do the same.  

If you're ready to scale your business this year - with a system for repeatable sales that doesn't involve churning out more content, hustling all day on social media, or crossing your fingers that a promotion will pay off - I can't wait to teach you my system for repeatable sales with Facebook ads. (Warning... it's a little addictive, and you're going to become a data nerd before you know it!)  

Here's what you need to know: Facebook ads take TIME to learn. That's why my intensive lasts 3 months, with lots of hands-on support from me.  

But once you learn my system, you'll have a marketing asset you can use for years to come. Plus, I love that I can tweak my ads at naptime, in the evenings when my kids are asleep... I don't have to travel anywhere, set aside time to speak on podcasts, or reach out for joint venture webinars or other partnerships.  

All of those growth strategies can be great, but as a Mama with little ones at home, they're often not all that doable for me.  

My Facebook ads campaigns work around the clock (whether my baby is sleeping through the night or not! whether my kiddo has a sick day or not...they're always working for me.)  

I can't wait to teach you how to create Facebook + Instagram ad campaigns that work for you too!

  • Prayer Journals
  • Art Prints
  • Sewing Patterns
  • Wedding Jewelry
  • Graphic Tees
  • Lightroom Presets
  • Gratitude Journals
  • Planners (Digital + Physical)
  • Handmade Children's Clothing
  • Disney Travel Products
  • Personal Finance Courses
  • Help for Homeschooling Moms
  • Hair Bows
  • Parenting Products
  • Copywriting Courses
  • Quality, Hand-Dyed Yarn
  • Pricing Courses
  • Etsy Seller Training

Here's the deal: A lot of ads experts are perfectly happy to help you acquire leads or top-level traffic at break-even, and earn all of your profits in retargeting and your email funnels behind the scenes.  

THEN, when you express concern about their inability to convert cold traffic, they put the blame on you:

“You’ve gotta build up your warm traffic so we have something to work with.”  

In other words: IT'S HUSTLE TIME.  

  • Go post on social media more. And then hang out on all the platforms so you can make sure to comment on a thousand posts and respond to comments on yours.
  • Do some guest posts.
  • Create more podcast episodes. 
  • Get featured on other podcasts.
  • Blog more.
  • You haven’t done a Facebook Live in a while... 
  • Create more pins for more posts, then create some more! (And after that you should probably create a little more!)
  • You need more opt-ins & freebies. 
  • You need to do more IG Stories. 

You know… all the things you hoped to do LESS of now that you’re using ads to grow. 

Friend, brilliant business moms like us *LOVE* the work we do, but that doesn't mean we want to spend every.single.minute of our waking hours spinning our wheels to make a profit.  

Breaking even on cold traffic and expecting you to keep hustling to build up your warm traffic — that’s unacceptable to me! (And quite honestly, it’s a sign of a lazy marketer!)  

With my Facebook Ads system, you’ll learn how to create an enticing offer that converts ICE COLD traffic at an upfront profit. 

And I won’t rest until we get you there!  

This way, your retargeting and email funnel profits are just icing on the cake.

As a small business owner, I know you can’t afford to plunk down thousands of dollars on ads and cross your fingers that the leads and traffic you acquire will buy next month.  

If you really want to scale your business, you need to make a profit from ICE COLD traffic, so that you can continue to scale up the top level of your funnel.  

When you make a profit at the top level of your funnel, you're not only growing your income right off the bat, you're acquiring highly targeted leads that continue to buy from you for years to come. 

FINALLY: #nohustlenecessary  

My system gives your business stability with a continuous flow of leads and sales, so quite honestly, everything else you choose to do in your business is BONUS.  

You can blog “just because.” 

You can hop on social media for the love. 

You can start that high-level coaching program you've been dreaming about but haven't had the time for. 

But you don’t have to do any of it to pay the bills.  

I’ll show you how to build your own ice cold, profitable funnel inside the intensive.  

Let's take a look at my system in action -- with stats to prove that it works!  

For one of my smaller-priced products, my social media class, over the past 2.5 years, here's what my ads results look like: 

  • 25,968 targeted email subscribers through my ads.
  • $48,786.23 in ad spend
  • $79,608.82 in upfront tripwire sales
  • $30,822.59 in immediate profit on my ads

But my favorite part is all of those targeted new leads I earned (at a profit!) Because... keep scrolling to see my shop sales for that same product over this 2.5 year period.... 

My total net sales (after returns) of just my social media class over that 2 year period in my shop: $162,187.00  

  • $48,786.23 in ad spend
  • $113,400.77 in profits -- just for one product I sell  

Those targeted leads I earned at a profit are what made such an enormous difference.  

Look at the success of just a couple of my star students! (Who, by the way, are in completely different niches than I'm in!)

LaToya earns a 3X Return (from ice cold traffic) on her $17 Prayer Notebook Toolkit, and is building up a targeted email list full of BUYERS for her next product launch.

Corina earns a 2X Return (from ice cold traffic) on her $27 Outfit Guide for Moms. She now brings in 5 figures a month in her business because she has the right leads on her list and consistent growth via ads. 

Karen earns a 2.5X Return (from cold traffic + retargeting) for her hand-dyed yarn. After a year of slow sales, she had her best month of sales ever in November -- once she started running ads!

Watch the video below to hear about Abbey's results after one month of running ads using what she learned in the FB Ads Intensive.

Amy has gone from making $1,000/month in her business to having $1000 DAYS in sales. She can pay for the special needs school her son needs, and do so much more for her family!

Jennifer has gone from scared of FB ads to making a consistent profit -- generating a 4.78 ROAS across ALL of her campaigns!

Janine now knows exactly what to do if her ads aren't working. No more turning off campaigns and giving up -- she knows how to analyze the data and keep getting results!

Maia earned 176 purchases and several thousand dollars in profit her first month of running ads!

Vanessa is earning a 5-6X Return on Ad Spend and now has a repeatable system for selling all of her amazing sewing classes!

Jessica of All Girls Shave Club is blowing her business goals out of the water!

1 new LIVE lesson taught each week The Facebook ads platform changes constantly, but you won't have to worry about out-of-date information since I'm teaching you LIVE every week -- with updates to the curriculum occurring THAT DAY as needed, so you don't miss a single thing.

Q&A at the end of each weekly lesson No need to go stumbling into the week's assignment. Get your questions answered by me at the end of class so you can confidently keep going with your ads!

Additional weekly group coaching calls Each week, we'll also have a separate coaching call dedicated to more Q&A ,where you can screenshare and get my eyes on your landing pages, ad images, ad copy, targeting, stats, and more. 

Private FB Intensive Facebook Group Have questions or concerns beyond those weekly calls? No problem! I'll be answering your questions 5 days a week in our active Facebook group. 

I've got a team of FB Ads Mentors in the group, too. They'll make sure you always know what to do next and help you with your tech questions too!

Access to a hand-selected group of brilliant business women, just like you! The Ads Intensive is Application-Only, so you can be sure you're connecting with brilliant business owners who are just as successful and motivated as you are! 

Cheer each other on, learn from one another, and feel supported by a group of women whose kindness, brilliance, and caliber is unmatched! 

Weekly homework assignments to help keep you on track And, to give you some incentive to take action & make the intensive more fun, each week's assignment will include a prize drawing for everyone who submits their homework! 

Every single assignment is comprised of the EXACT STEPS you'll need to take in order to set up a successful ads campaign. No wasted time and no busy work. 

The Ads Intensive is full of the most caring, brilliant, helpful women around.

Get to know some of my Ads Mentors in the video below + get a better idea of exactly how the Ads Intensive works and what makes it so special.


Megan earned a 7.89 ROAS on her ads campaigns selling kids' Bible verse placemats!

During this jam-packed, hands-on, 12-week program, I'm going to teach you -- from start to finish -- how to use Facebook ads to grow & scale your business.

Let me walk ya through the details of everything we're going to cover during our 12 weeks together!

WEEK 1: BRILLIANT LANDING, SALES, & PRODUCT LISTING PAGES Learn best practices for freebie signup page language, tripwire page formatting, and sales + product listing pages

Let's spice up your sign-up page & sales page language so your ads traffic converts into leads and customers at much higher rates!

In Week 1, I'm going to walk you through: 

  • The key components of high-converting sign-up & sales pages There are SO MANY quick and easy ways to make your pages convert at much higher rates. Let's make the most of that ad spend by captivating your site visitors.
  • My data-driven tips for successful landing pages Dozens & dozens of ideas for juicy phrasing & catchy headlines to capture your audience's attention and make them want to JUMP IN for your *amazing* offer! Plus, I'll share some of my own high-converting pages (and some of my students' too!)  

Brilliant Mama, I can't wait to help you create an opt-in page where you can expect a conversion rate of *at least* 70% ... from COLD TRAFFIC!

  • BONUS: Sales Page Blueprint - This detailed blueprint outlines every single thing you need to include on your sales page or tripwire page for maximum results. Even my six-figure business owner students have used this blueprint to improve their conversion rates!  

Lena is climbing the leaderboard for affiliate sales... all because she's added 4,000 brand new, targeted leads (who are BUYERS!) to her email list via ads.

Hannah's business really took off as she applied what she was learning in the Ads Intensive!

WEEK 2: FACEBOOK PIXEL Get customized pixel help so you can be sure your pixel is firing correctly on every page of your site and for every important event! 

I can't emphasize how important it is to get your Facebook pixel right! The pixel is EVERYTHING when it comes to optimizing your ads for profitable sales!  

In Week 2, Melissa Kaiserman, my very own tech guru, and "Melissapedia" as I call her, will walk you through all the steps you need to take to get your pixel installed correctly and double-check your work.

  • Pixel Installation Whether you sell on Shopify, WooCommerce, Teachable, ThriveCart, or any other platform that you own, we'll help you get the Facebook pixel installed correctly on your site.
  • Pixel Events Set-Up Learn how to track purchases, adds to cart, initiate checkout, leads, page views, and more with pixel standard events. 
  • Custom Conversion Set-Up Hate coding and want to track each freebie opt-in and product purchase separately? Learn how to use custom conversions to track your important pixel events in a jiffy.
  • How to Double-Check your Pixel at Every Stage of your Funnel Learn two important and easy-peasy methods for double-checking that your pixel and all of your events are firing correctly at every single stage of your funnel.
  • Pixel and Business Manager Trouble-Shooting Pixels and setting up your Business Manager properly can be super confusing! Troubleshoot and screenshare with Melissa so that you'll have 100% confidence that your pixel is firing correctly, and you've got the RIGHT pixel on your site and hooked up to your ad account.

WEEK 3: AD COPY & HEADLINES THAT CONVERT Learn exactly what to write to get results with your Facebook ads

Stop staring at that blank cursor & learn how to write ad copy like a pro! 

In Week 3, I'm going to share: 

  • The BEST tips to help you think through what your audience really wants So you can position your brilliant offer as something they can't resist! I'm going to help you think through why they want what they want, what they won't give up to get it, and how your offer can really help solve their problem. 
  • My exact Facebook ad copy formulas A detailed list (with plenty of examples from real-life Facebook ads!) of formulas you can follow when creating your ads. 
  • My stats on my own best-performing headlines Best practices for amazing headlines to help you stop spinning your wheels trying to figure out how to captivate the attention of your ideal customer. By the end of this lesson, you'll be able to confidently write your own brilliant headlines.
  • The crucial Do's & Don'ts of ad copy Learn some of the easiest things you can do to make your ad stand out in the Facebook feed, AND learn the big "no-no's" of ad copy so you can avoid getting a denial from Facebook.  
  • BONUS 1: The site you can visit to look up & study active ads from EVERY business promoting something on Facebook! 
  • BONUS 2: My list of over 100 *juicy words* to use in your Facebook ads that can help you add some pizazz to your ad copy & draw in that ideal customer

WEEK 4: BRILLIANT AD IMAGES Get my best tips & tricks for creating gorgeous, eye-catching ad images that stand out in the Facebook + Instagram feed

Time to get creative! Learn what you need to do to create beautiful ad images and videos to go along with your amazing ad copy & offer!

In Week 4, we're going to take a look at:

  • The EXACT ad image formats that get my multi-six figure biz the best results Learn the sizes, colors, and aesthetics that help draw in customers and bring in that passive income week after week.
  • Facebook's exact guidelines for image & video ads So you can avoid the dreaded message from Facebook that your ad has too much text or won't work for a given placement.
  • The latest trends for creating ad images that stand out Learn my best tips and tricks for creating ad images that help your ad SHINE in a noisy Facebook feed! 
  • Best practices for creating images that are in line with your brand So when your ideal customer stumbles upon your ad image, they immediately know to associate that brilliant offer with the brilliant lady behind it!
  • My quick & easy way to create eye-catching ads in a jiffy! Let's get those ads of yours up & running more quickly! Who knows, you might even have time sneak in a nap when your toddler naps. ;) 
  • BONUS: Over 15 Gorgeous Ad Templates for Canva and Picmonkey - so you can create compelling, high-converting images and carousels in no time! 

WEEK 5: WARM AUDIENCES + LOOKALIKE AUDIENCES Learn how to reach audiences who already know & love you (and just need a little reminder right in their feed to come on back and buy!) + learn how to create Lookalikes based on all those great audiences of yours (that you may not even know you have!) 

Tap into the warm audiences you might not even know you have + learn how to create high-converting Lookalike audiences that will SCALE with long-term campaigns.

In Week 5, I'm going to cover:

  • The 6 types of warm audiences to create + how to create them Yes! There are SIX different areas of your network we're going to be able to tap into.
  • What a Lookalike audience actually is and how it fits into your ads strategy Imagine being able to EASILY tell Facebook how to find audiences out there who don't yet know about you and your brilliant product, but who share similar interests (and wants + needs) as your warm audiences. 
  • How to create Lookalike audiences from your warm audiences Once you learn how to do this, the possibilities are endless! As you grow and scale, you'll realize that there are many different, razor-targeted Lookalike audiences that you can create for your offers. Finding that perfect audience to target on Facebook just got 10X easier!
  • Lookalike audience best practices So you can create high-converting Lookalikes, and stop wasting your time and precious money on Lookalikes that simply AREN'T targeted enough to really work. Plus, see examples of the exact Lookalikes that perform for me, and all the ones that don't. 

WEEK 6: COLD AUDIENCE TARGETING Learn how to convert *ice cold* audiences into customers!

Even if you don't have large warm audiences and therefore high-performing Lookalike audiences to target, you can still make Facebook ads work for you--with ICE COLD interest-based audiences!  

When you have a fabulous offer - and you know how to share it with the world - you can absolutely make profitable sales from ice cold traffic. I'll show you how! 

In Week 6, I'm going to help you understand:

  • The questions you need to ask to get clear on your ideal customer We're going to get to the heart of who your person is, so finding 100 different ways to target them on Facebook becomes easy-peasy!
  • How to become a detective, discovering all sorts of unique clues about who your customer is, so that you can create a unique blend of interests that no one else is targeting! Generic interests aren't going to work for a brand new advertiser. I'll show you how to dive deep into Facebook audiences and interests, to create your very own unique audience blends!
  • How to use Audience Insights and other tools, so that your list of promising audiences and interests stretches on for days. Quickly learn how Facebook groups and categorizes different interests and activities, so you always have more audiences to try.
  • How to plan out your cold interest audiences inside Facebook Plus learn the ideal cold audience size to choose when you're just starting out, and which audiences are too small or too big to be effective for scaling. Beware: this process of creating cold audiences *might* get addicting!

WEEK 7: SETTING UP YOUR FREEBIE TO TRIPWIRE AD CAMPAIGN OR YOUR DIRECT TO SALES PAGE CAMPAIGN I'm going to walk you through, step-by-step, exactly how to set up your campaign in Facebook - a tutorial you can refer back to every single time you're beginning a new ads campaign. 

A lot of Facebook Ads experts will tell you that it's not possible to make an upfront profit from ICE COLD traffic.

Instead, they'll teach you complicated funnels that take a year to set up, and then tell you to send leads on through and cross your fingers... hoping in a few weeks (or longer!) they will turn a profit.  

Nope, not happening on my watch. I'll show you how to set up an effective, high-converting campaign from the very first dollar you spend on Facebook ads.  

In Week 7, I'm going to show you: 

  • The structure of a Facebook ads campaign So you understand what happens at each level of ads manager, and you know how to navigate to each section and find exactly what you need.
  • Exactly how to set up your ads campaign successfully in the Facebook ads dashboard I'm talking step-by-step, every single option and setting perfectly laid out for you. You'll know what budget to set, how many images and versions of ad copy to use, how many audiences to test, and more! 
  • Learn what type of bidding to use and which placements to select There are NO mysteries when it comes to setting up your first campaign. I'll show you the exact structure that will help you to get the best results from your ads right out of the gate.
  • Learn how to customize your columns to get the right data from your campaigns. Ohh the data... it's absolutely overwhelming! We'll cut through the noise and make sure you can quickly and easily see exactly what you need to see (and nothing you don't!) with each and every ads campaign. 
  • BONUS: Campaign Stats Tracker - so you can keep track of the stats that matter most to you, week by week, and easily see a drop in performance so you can quickly correct it.

WEEK 8: TROUBLESHOOTING & TWEAKING YOUR CAMPAIGN Your campaigns aren't going as well as you'd hoped? There is SO MUCH you can do instead of throwing in the towel! Learn exactly what the data tells you, so you can tweak your campaigns for BETTER results over time.

The data inside Ads Manager can be absolutely overwhelming! And if you're focusing on the wrong numbers, you're not going to make the best decisions to help your campaigns perform even better. 

Learn EXACTLY which numbers to focus on, what benchmarks you're shooting for, how long to let a campaign run before making tweaks, and how to get a solid campaign performing even better! You're going LOVE all the juicy goodness (that other ads instructors aren't giving you!) that you'll get in Week 8 of the program. 

In Week 8, I'm going to show you:

  • How to customize your columns in Ads Manager So you're gathering the right data vs. vanity metrics that don't mean a thing!
  • How to become a data wizard -- confidently knowing what each and every metric tells you about what to do next In the ads intensive, we let the DATA tell us what move to make next -- instead of making random guesses based on our mood on a particular day! You'll be amazed at how much you can learn from the data -- and all the ways you can make your campaigns even more profitable as a result. 
  • How much time and money to give a campaign or ad set before turning it off No more waiting months and months for Google or Pinterest to help you determine whether or not something is going to pay off! Nope, with Facebook, it's literally a matter of DAYS . Then we'll know exactly what's working, what's not, and not waste a single cent before tweaking, improving, and testing some more. 
  • The steps you can take to turn a good campaign around if it starts to lose its shine No need to sit there feeling helpless and discouraged if a campaign that WAS performing well starts to, well...crap out on ya! I'm going to show you a brilliant little technique (that literally takes minutes to do!) to give that solid campaign the boost it needs to start producing results again.  

Jenna's reaching the sales revenue she needs to leave her full-time job and focus solely on her business!

WEEK 9: SCALING YOUR CAMPAIGNS Learn all of the different scaling strategies you can implement so you're not stuck scaling by a few bucks at a time...for months! When you have a high-performing campaign, there are lots of fabulous strategies for amplifying those awesome results, so you can scale up fast! 

There are so many different strategies for scaling up your campaigns, beyond just increasing your daily budget. I'm constantly testing new campaign structures to maximize what's working, and I have scaling strategies that I know "the other guys" simply haven't tried! 

(Important to know: I worked with a fancy ads agency for FIVE MONTHS, and they couldn't get me past $80/day profitably. I spent ONE WEEK using my unique campaign structure, and scaled to $200/day with nearly a 2X return on ad spend.... for a $27 product.) 

In Week 9, I'm going to cover: 

  • Vertical scaling Just exactly how fast and by how much can you raise your daily budget -- without blowing your profits to smithereens!
  • The rapid-fire testing strategy that all but guarantees you'll create high-converting ads that will scale up for a YEAR or more! Ohh my goodness friend, I'm REALLY passionate about this particular methodology of mine. It makes rapid testing so much faster and easier, and it uses a campaign structure that the other guys still seem confused about for some reason! I can't wait to teach you my secret-sauce method for narrowing in on your very best ads -- the ones that will perform long-term, without you having to lift a finger.
  • The 7 additional ways to SCALE UP your campaigns -- so you've ALWAYS got another way to increase your reach and ad spend -- without sacrificing profits. You've heard about adding more budget to your campaigns, and you probably know that you can test out new audiences too, but I'm confident you haven't heard about ALL the different ways that you can scale your offers - WITHOUT taking shots in the dark. Scaling can be done in a way that doesn't break the bank, and by using the data you already have, you'll see success in your new campaigns much more quickly.
  • Alternative bidding strategies Out-of-the-box strategies are an area where I shine! I'm never content to stick with the status quo when it comes to ads. YES, we'll do what works best, but because I'm always testing new bidding, campaign structures, and more, you'll hear the latest and greatest ALTERNATIVE strategies that other ads managers haven't even thought about yet.
  • Analyzing other important metrics for your ad account's long-term health and success As you scale, there are several important metrics you'll need to keep an eye on (and they happen OUTSIDE of all those columns inside ads manager). Know exactly what to keep your eye on, and how to fix problems before they affect your profitability.

WEEK 10: RETARGETING + WARM AUDIENCE CAMPAIGNS Learn how to set up high-converting retargeting campaigns so you can get back in front of the RIGHT audiences (and get a great response instead of bugging them over and over with the same old ad!) 

There's a reason I have you start running your campaigns to COLD audiences FIRST before moving onto your warm. If we can't find you COLD audiences that will convert, you're just going to continue running on that same hamster wheel of trying to build your warm audiences... and I'm trying to get you off that darn wheel! 

Now that we've gotten comfortable with running ads to cold audiences, we can start to bring in your warm audiences to your ads strategy. This week, I'm going to show you the best practices for running ads to the audiences that are already familiar with you & your offer, as well as how to retarget (and convert!) those who've seen your offer and didn't jump on it the first time. 

In Week 10, I'm going to show you:

  • How to create the HOT retargeting audience you need Learn how to get razor-targeted on the people you get back in front of with your offer, and how to ensure you're excluding those folks who've already purchased from you. Hint: You can even get razor-sharp on the amount of TIME someone has to take you up on your offer, so that they only see your ad for certain number of days before dropping out of your retargeting funnel altogether.
  • How to convert your HOT audiences instead of just annoying them with your ads They didn't buy from you the first time, but that doesn't mean you should give up and move on. Learn EXACTLY what to say to your hot audiences to get them back over to your shop or sales page to buy. There's an art to retargeting, and I can't wait to teach you how to do it well. (How does a 3-20X return on ad spend sound?!)
  • Warm audience campaigns Learn how to market your offer to one or more of those six groups of people who already know and love you! AND... the huge, important difference between your warm and hot campaigns -- that other advertisers are completely missing!
  • Best practices for warm audience campaign setup So you can pinpoint EXACTLY which warm audiences are responding the best -- without having to stress about audience overlap.
  • How to know when your warm or hot audiences need a break from your offer So you can take a step back and nurture them before offering up your product again. Hint: Bombarding your people with the same old ad over and over again is NOT a solid strategy (even though it's what 75% of advertisers out there are doing!)

WEEK 11: PRODUCT CATALOG CAMPAIGNS Product catalogs can be super confusing and rife with errors, but when you know how to set them up correctly, they can be the most powerful way to convert ICE COLD audiences as a physical product seller. Learn how to get it right and demystify product catalogs with Week 11.

Product Catalog Facebook Ads are probably the most misunderstood and error-ridden ads out there! When you don't know what you're doing, you'll show a confusing jumble of products to the WRONG people. 

When you know how to use product catalog campaigns effectively, you can show exactly the right products to the right people -- and often immediately increase your return on ad spend over standard Facebook ads campaigns. 

If you're a physical product seller, you can't afford NOT to run product catalog campaigns. 

In Week 11, I'm going to help you figure out: 

  • How to take a look at your current product catalogs So you know EXACTLY what's going on, and which catalog and product sets you should be using in your campaigns.
  • How to create a product catalog from your Shopify store Don't have a catalog set up yet? No problem! Create your product catalog -- and have it automatically update daily -- with my step-by-step instructions.
  • How to troubleshoot catalog errors So you can be sure that Facebook is getting the RIGHT data about your store, and you can use that data to get better results with your ads.
  • How to create a retargeting Product Catalog Campaign You know those ads where you're shown the EXACT products you just looked at in an online store? Now you can run those too! And it only takes a few minutes to set up when you know how to do it.
  • How to create a COLD audience Product Catalog Campaign Many physical product sellers find they can DRASTICALLY increase their profits with ice cold audiences -- simply by running a product catalog campaign. Learn exactly how to to set one up, and how to customize it so that you put your very best foot forward with cold audiences.

WEEK 12: ADS FOR LAUNCHING Learn the best practices for creating ads + ad campaigns when you're launching a new product -- so you can maximize those live launch sales without sending out 100 emails during your promo!

In most of the intensive, we've focused on using ads to capitalize on an offer you ALREADY have. But even though we all love that passive income, we eventually get the itch to launch a new product -- or create a new promotion to continue serving the needs of our audience and grow our income even more! 

When you're launching a NEW product (or promoting an old product in a new, limited-time way), your ad strategy is going to be a bit different. 

Learn how to get your audience ready and excited for your new offer via ads -- before the offer is even out yet. And learn how to quickly test the very best images and messaging for your live launch period -- so you don't miss a single day of profitable sales.

In Week 12, I'm going to walk you through:

  • 5 different pre-launch ad campaigns you can run So you're building excitement for your offer before it even launches! Learn exactly which campaign is right for you and your audience -- so you can maximize your results. Plus, learn who you should and shouldn't be targeting with your pre-launch campaigns (with lots of actual campaign stats and data to show you what works!)
  • Live launch campaigns Learn who to reach and how to reach 'em. Get crystal clear on the messages you need to focus on during your live launch period. AND stop wasting money on audiences that aren't going to convert. Honestly friend, this is one area where I want to shake the vast majority of ads managers out there, because they get live launch targeting all wrong -- and cost you a lot of profits in the process.
  • See real-life examples and data for my own pre-launch and live launch campaigns Learn the exact ads that have brought me the biggest profits, and the ads and audiences that were total duds. There's nothing like data to give you clarity around what really works!

I can't wait to clink champagne glasses with you after your next incredible launch!

This program might be the *perfect* fit for you if: 

  • You run an online business and know your target market
  • You already sell digital or physical products online and want help growing your sales
  • You're tired of running on the hamster wheel, never quite sure which growth strategies are paying off in your business, and which ones are just wasting your time...

But the Ads Intensive WON'T work for you if: 

  • You don't already successfully sell a physical or digital product from your own website, blog, or Shopify store
  • You're not willing to invest the time and energy into digging deep on a powerful strategy for long-term growth
  • You don't have the funds to run Facebook ads and invest $500 into testing before you start to earn a profit from your campaigns...

What makes The FB Ads Intensive different from other ads programs? 

The Ads Intensive is a hands-on, immersive experience. (One of my students dubbed it “grad school for Facebook ads!”) You’ll learn through a LIVE lesson each week, so that you can be confident the information you’re learning about Facebook ads is as up-to-date as possible. You’ll also learn through live weekly coaching calls, weekly assignments (+ prize drawings for those who complete them!), and a close-knit, supportive Facebook community where my ads mentors and I are answering questions 5 days a week.  

What makes you qualified to teach me about Facebook ads? 

I’ve spent over $450,000 on ads over the last 5 years and generated over $1,500,000 in sales for my business as a result. I’m constantly testing new ideas, so that I can give you the best, most up-to-date strategies (and the ones no one else is using yet!)  

I’ve taught over 2,700 students my ads strategies, and I have helped launch them from beginning business owners to 5, 6, and 7-figure business owners.  

Here’s what makes me truly qualified: I’m a scrappy Mamapreneur working in the margins, just like you. I don’t have extra cash to spend on useless strategies that don’t earn me a direct return on my ad spend.  

I won’t teach you to get leads and then cross your fingers hoping they turn into customers. (This is what the majority of ads courses and agencies teach. Then they blame you when they’re not bringing you profits.)  

I’ll show you how to make an upfront profit on your Facebook ads -- with ICE COLD traffic -- so that all of your results from warm traffic and your funnels are just icing on top.  

How much do I need to spend on ads before I’ll start seeing good results?  

I recommend that you be willing to put $500 towards testing, but you should know that the testing we’ll do is very methodical (and relatively slow and steady), so you’ll gain a ton of valuable data about what works and what doesn’t before you start to scale.  

My students from the last round of the intensive, report, on average, their first sale happening within 3 days of their very first ad campaign. (And this is typically with less than $40 of total ad spend.)  

If you have a solid sales history + pixel data on those sales, it’s much easier to make profitable sales quickly with your ad campaigns.  

If you’re a new business owner and the pixel hasn’t been on your site for very long, you’ll essentially be “buying data” from Facebook to figure out who your buyers are before you can optimize and scale.  

What about IOS Changes? Haven't they made ads less profitable?

Nope! Not even a little bit. My students whose ads worked great before the IOS 14.5 update are still doing great after!

YES, we've had to make a few tweaks in how we analyze our data and YES a few pieces of data aren't there, but the ability to optimize for BUYERS is still very much how Facebook ads work, and our ads are still just as profitable as they were before.

IOS changes aren't slowing us down, and you'll find that my team and I are more informed about IOS changes than other agencies and teachers are. (We see misinformation everywhere!)

We go straight to the source -- learning directly from experts at Facebook, so we can give you all the facts without any of the hysteria that other teachers are contributing to.

I’m ready to sign up! How do I buy?

The FB Ads Intensive is an Application-Only program, because I’m not interested in taking money from anyone I don’t feel 100% confident I can help to get consistent, profitable sales with ads.  

You’ll need to click one of the buttons on this page to fill out an application.

The next round of the Intensive will start at the end of January 2022. The deadline for applying is January 10, and you will receive an answer on or before January 19.

If your application is approved, you can then decide whether you’d like to enroll or pass on the program. No hard feelings if you decide it isn’t right for you. We’re here to help you make the best possible decision for your business.  

When does the Ads Intensive start?  

The next round of the Intensive will start at the end of January 2022 and run for 13 weeks.

I can’t attend the live lessons. Should I still apply? 

Absolutely! The live lessons are great for keeping yourself on track, getting questions answered immediately, and getting to know other members of the Intensive, but they’re not necessary to be successful.

Each lesson replay + slides will be loaded directly into the Intensive Facebook Group within 36 hours, so you can still keep up and learn each week. The slides contain all the information you need to learn, so you can skip the videos altogether if you want, and just use them as a reference point when you want to dig deeper on a particular area.  

The reasons I teach lessons live are: To ensure the information I’m teaching is as up-to-date as humanly possible, to clarify any questions you may have around the lesson, and to help you to stay on track and motivated to keep learning.  

What happens if I miss a week?  

You can always learn via the slides and reference the lesson replay. You’ll have access to both of these resources forever (+ you’ll get free video lesson and slide updates every time I teach a new round of the Intensive!)

If you get behind, you’re still very welcome to participate in the Facebook group, ask questions, and go at your own pace. But you should know that we won’t hold your hand. 

We expect you to learn the material, and we’ll direct you back to it if you’re asking questions that are easily answered in the slides. (Remember, this is grad school for Facebook ads!)  

I don’t want all of this extra support and interaction. Can’t I just buy a self-study version of the program?

I don’t offer a self-study version of the program, because I want to ensure that every single student I teach is in the right place to learn and succeed with Facebook ads.  

I know from experience that if you try to learn and implement this methodology on your own, you WILL hit sticking points and you’ll need advice and feedback to keep going.  

You don’t have to attend any of the calls if you don’t want to, but I highly recommend you participate in the weekly assignments (prizes… remember!) and ask questions in the group. 

Ads work best when you have an expert eye showing you how to analyze the data and helping you to choose your next steps forward.

You’ll quickly realize that since every business is different, and everyone’s data looks different, I’ll recommend different strategies as your next move based on the individual business owner. 

Canned, generic advice isn’t what you’re looking for. You need an ads strategy that’s perfect for you and your business, and that’s what you’ll get with me.  

Ads sound difficult. Shouldn’t I just hire an agency to run them for me?  

Ads DO take time and effort to learn, but unlike other business strategies, you don’t have to cross your fingers hoping for sales. You’ll learn a system that will serve your business for years -- helping you to earn new customers at a profit -- and you get to be in the driver’s seat to decide how much to spend.  

I’ve worked with 2 agencies over the past 4 years, during seasons when I felt too busy or understaffed to run my ads myself. Unfortunately, I had to fire both of them for poor performance.  

An agency will cost you anywhere from $1,000-$4,000/month+, and many charge you 10% of your ad spend on top of that.  

The second agency I worked with never even earned enough profits to pay their keep -- and this was after working together for 6 months.  

A new ads manager who’s overworked, underpaid, and has 3 months of experience can never compare to the depth of knowledge you’ll get in 3 months with me -- and even the best ads manager will never know your business like you do.  

My experience with agencies is not unique. I have many six- and seven-figure business owner friends who have worked with ads agencies. Nearly all of them eventually fired their agency and brought their ads management back in-house.  

I’m pretty busy during this time of year. Should I wait until the next round of the Intensive to enroll?

I recommend that you set aside at least 5 hours per week during the Intensive -- 1-2 hours to learn via the live lesson (or replay) and/or the slides + 2-3 hours to implement what you’ve learned. And truly, this is the BARE MINIMUM.  

My stand-out students who attend every live lesson, every coaching call, and take action weekly are spending up to 10 hours a week on the program.  

It IS an intensive program (hence the name!) but you’re learning a skill that will help you build your business profitably for years to come.  

With that said, you should know that I plan to raise the price each time I open the intensive. 

Other programs with this level of hands-on support and a tight-knit group, will cost you $2,000-$6,000+. As I have improved the program with each round and continue to help my students get stellar results, I have raised my price to reflect the value you get in the program.  

The Ads Intensive currently costs $347/month for 3 months.

I want to encourage you to stop spinning your wheels -- trying every single tactic for growth -- and instead dig deep on a strategy that will truly scale. I can’t wait to celebrate your success with you!


I’m so ready for this! What happens after I submit my application?

When you click on any of the "I'm ready to apply to the Intensive!" buttons on this page, you’ll be taken to an application. 

The next round of the Intensive will start at the of January 2022. Everyone who applies by the January 10 deadline will receive an answer on or before January 19.

If you are accepted into the program, you’ll be given a link to enroll. Your first payment will be due at that time. You’ll have 3 total payments of $347 each for the program.  

After you enroll, you’ll be taken to a course on Teachable. This course will include instructions on how to join the private Facebook group, and there will be sales page training and shop listing training ready for you in Unit 1 of the course.  

Live lessons take place each Wednesday at 1 PM Eastern (NYC time) and coaching calls happen each Friday at 1 PM Eastern.

Each lesson replay and the accompanying slides will be loaded into the Facebook group within 36 hours of the live lesson. The same is true for each coaching call. Replays and slides will also be loaded into Teachable by the end of that weekend. You’ll have access to this Teachable course forever + you’ll get free access to all future video recordings and slides from the Intensive. (Never worry about out-of-date ads information again!)  

Is there a benefit to applying early?  

YES! This is a rolling application period, and I limit how many students I accept into each round of the intensive. The sooner you get your application in, the sooner you’ll be notified of your approval and you can enroll.

If I fill all the spots early, I’ll close down the application for this next round early, too.  

What if I want more support and coaching after the 12 weeks of the intensive?

You’ll be given an invite to my membership, which gives you access to a private Facebook group of alumni, group coaching calls 2-3X/month, guest experts every other month, and my ongoing support in the Facebook group. 

The cost of the membership is significantly lower than the cost of the Intensive. It’s not about bombarding you with even more material. It’s about tweaking, refining, and getting feedback on what you’re already doing.  

I’m interested, but I’m not sure I can really do this.

Here’s the good news: I’ll let you know if I think you can do this or not! If I don't think your products are ready to scale with ads just yet, I'll let you know and choose not to accept your application at this time.  

If you're a yes with a few things to tweak before class starts, I'll let you know that too.  

If you get a resounding YES on your application from me, the question isn't whether you can do this, it's whether you want to do this.

This is a time commitment. It's not a half-hearted, kinda-try type of business strategy. 

I want students who are ALL-IN during our 12 weeks together, because those students see the best results, and go on to build incredible businesses.  

If you get a YES from me, I know you can do it, it's up to you to decide if you WILL.