Free Planning Printables

Darling, you're brilliant, and your dreams matter!

Let's make them happen this year with gorgeous tools and resources for setting goals, making plans, prioritizing what matters most, crushing projects and habits like nobody's business, and living a beautiful, brilliant, intentional life.

Don't underestimate the power of a simple sheet of paper combined with your deepest passions. Together, they can change the world.

"I love the goal sheet. For me I can get really busy in the day to day grind. I see one thing that leads me to another and another. Having those main goals and inspiration in front of me really helps me to stop and ask...will this take me there? It helps me stay focused when I am selecting marketing opportunities and when I pick products. Will this move help women spend more time getting closer to God? Will this move help my family? Will it help other Christian businesses? It's a guide for my choices. Love it."

-Jessica George of Joyful Devotion

"My favorite page is the gratitude and reflecting page. As a new mom, it has been so easy to get caught in the blur of a new baby and day to day business, but I've been able to jot down funny things my little one has done at the end of a long day, as well as any work struggles. I can treat it like a journal as well as a planner in a way, all without having to go back and forth between books. Not only will I always have the memories, but for my next babies I will have a place to reference events and when milestones were met. That's priceless for a sleep deprived mommy!"

-Dayna Dyer of Sparkly Twig

"Thank you so much to Beth Anne and the wonderful ladies that were on the live feed tonight. I sat down with my husband afterwards and showed him my hours per day/week and he realized how overwhelmed I am. We have decided to hire a nurse to care for my in-laws. I also decided to no longer work through lunch. We mapped out what we want my day and week to look like. It is eye opening when you put your hours a week down on paper. I am relieved and excited. I will now have me time, hubby time, family time and time to work on my business goals. Thanks again for all of the encouragement."

-Michele Stigler of Crafting Your Life blog