Brilliant Life Planner

What would it be like to capture a dream you have, hold it in your hands, and then watch it finally come true?

If you’re like me, you have dreams bigger than your heart can hold, but somewhere between carpool, work, laundry, and everyday life those dreams are pushed to the bottom of your to-do list until you can’t imagine they could ever become a reality.

Maybe you'd love to run a marathon, write a book, or travel to Europe. Or the desire of your heart might be to stay home with your kids, have a baby, or buy a new home. Or maybe you've been hoping to start an Etsy shop, earn a promotion, or go back to school.

No matter what you've been longing to do, your dreams are beautiful and worth your time and attention! But New Year resolutions and our best intentions fade before January ends, and that great big dream you have slips away, year after year.

Not this year.

Order your Brilliant Life Planner

It’s designed with you and your great big, beautiful dreams in mind. 

The planner’s unique goal setting system helps you to transform your dreams into goals, then break those goals down into the manageable steps you’ll take action on every single day.

The Brilliant Life Planner

You’ll be inspired and motivated as you look back on each week, remembering all the beautiful moments and all the reasons you have to be thankful. And you'll be encouraged as you track the progress you've made towards your goals and review how you moved past the hard or stressful parts of your week. Reflecting on how you've overcome a struggle will help you move forward, confidently making steady progress on your goals. 

Then you’ll look ahead to the next week, prioritizing your to-do list for both your personal and work life (whether you’re the CEO of little ones and a home, or running a business on the side). There’s also space for you to keep track of your appointments and the people you want to encourage, so you accomplish your tasks and keep the people you love at the very top of every list. 

The monthly layout not only helps you with big picture planning, but also encourages you to set a focus for the month. When you write down what you want to accomplish and see it daily, you’ll find that what you plan to do really does happen, month after month.

With a brilliant weekly time-blocking layout, you’ll deal with the details of each day. Block off family time, use your work hours to make a to-do list, and never forget where everyone is supposed to be again. Use the list on the left for groceries, things you need to remember, the steps you want to take toward a goal that week, or anything that needs its own space.

Some tasks require more than a calendar to complete. Map out your biggest projects this year and track all of your deadlines with 8 project-planning pages. From a new nursery to a big party or a DIY project, these pages will keep you on track and even on budget!

What Other Brilliant Ladies Are Saying:

To-do lists, notes on scraps, post-its on my computer, files in my brain, files on my computer... I had papers all over the place! It was a mess and I knew I needed to capture my thoughts.  

Then I discovered the Brilliant Life Planner. And my life was changed!  

The Brilliant Life Planner helps me to capture my thoughts for my family and for my business on one page but in separate columns. I also can take my week and time block to see where I need more margin for my family. The Brilliant Life Planner shows me what is getting all my attention and how I need to readjust at times.  

I still find myself capturing my thoughts on bits of paper everywhere, but now I can transfer them to my planner and determine if it's a priority or not simply by basing it on my commitments to my four kids and incredible husband.

-Gianna Rae of Family Fun Twin Cities  

As a mompreneur, I needed something that would help me organize everything in one place. The Brilliant Life Planner checks all of my boxes as a business owner AND a mom! It puts everything in one place and keeps things from slipping through the cracks (or getting used as a coloring sheet or confetti). And it's pretty!  

I love the weekly reflection section! I've always thought I'd be one of those "scrapbook moms," but that hasn't happened yet. So having a space that I can use to jot down a few memories from the week has been a simple solution that I actually do! #momwin  

The BLP is more than just a planner. It's an investment in my business and my life!

-Leesha Chamberlain of Living Contently  

I can not wait for this one! This planner was such an immense blessing to me this last year. I’m a Brilliant Life Planner lifer!

-April Swiger, Consultant for LuLaRoe

Yes, I want to join these Brilliant ladies and flourish this year!

Fabulous Features:

  • High quality, extra thick 120 GSM paper that won’t bleed through. Use your favorite pen or pencil to dream, plan and record and never worry about ruining another page. 
  • A hard, sturdy cover in 2 fabulous designs. Gorgeous and tough, just like you, this cover keeps your planner protected and pretty all year long. 
  • Bold pockets on both the front and back inside covers, for you to store stickers, notes, photos and more. 
  • Three Habit-tracking pages where you’ll decide on a habit you want to create. You’ll be amazed at what you can do when you track your progress daily!
  • A gorgeous gift box you can use over and over. 
  • Monthly dividers with inspiring quotes.
  • Size: 9 1/8 in. wide by 9 9/16 in. tall. 

Brilliant Bonuses

This is not your average planner! Every Brilliant Life Planner comes with bonuses you won’t find anywhere else.

You'll gain access to my online video course, Planner School, where I teach you how to use your new planner. We’ll walk through dreaming big and setting goals, time management, habits for your personality, and more!  

You'll also receive Time Management Mama, the book I wrote with my sister on making use of your margins to pursue your passions, in PDF form. 

Organize your business with the printable, fillable Brilliant Business Planner. Planning pages include an Editorial Calendar, Stats Tracker, Giveaway Planner, Product Pricing Worksheets, Advertising Decision Matrix & Results Pages, Financial Summary and more!

Start planning your Brilliant life now with printable planning pages to get you through the rest of 2018. Don't wait to create habits and think through the goals you'll crush in 2019. 

About the Creator

Beth Anne Schwamberger, the creator of The Brilliant Life Planner and founder of Brilliant Business Moms, is most importantly a wife to Chris and mom to Holden and Levi. She’s dedicated to helping women dream big and pursue their passions, while still keeping the ones they love first. Beth Anne designed the Brilliant Life Planner when she couldn’t find anything to help her turn her dreams into goals and then encourage her to follow through. Beth Anne’s big dreams include adopting another child and building orphanages in India all while raising her boys and building her business on the side. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What Bonuses come with the Brilliant Life Planner?

Every Brilliant Life Planner comes with a digital copy of our Brilliant Business Planner that you can fill in online or print, a fillable, digital version of the Brilliant Life Planner, the PDF version of Time Management Mama, bonus printable planning pages, and my video course, Planner School.

How will I get my bonuses? 

You’ll receive a series of emails after you purchase your planner, first confirming your purchase and then with login information to my school on Teachable. All the downloads plus Planner School will be there once you follow the instructions to log in.

When will my planner ship? 

Your planner will ship via Priority mail within 2 business days of your order. Priority mail orders in the US arrive in 1-3 days. Your shipping information and tracking number will be sent in a separate email. 

Can I see the planner before I purchase?

Sure! Want to sample some pages? Grab free planning printables right here.

Or click here to see a gorgeous 3-D, interactive model of the planner. Thanks to Julie of for this amazing inside peek of the planner!

How big is the Brilliant Life Planner?

Each planner measures: 9 1/8 in. wide by 9 9/16 in. tall by 1 1/4 in. thick. It weighs approximately 3 lbs. 

What's the difference between the Brilliant Life Planner and the Brilliant Business Planner?

The Brilliant Life planner is a hardcover, physical planner with 2 gorgeous cover options. The Brilliant Business Planner is a PDF download that you fill out online and/or print, and it’s free with every Brilliant Life Planner Purchase.